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The traditional focus of Executive Coaching has been on development of the individual, possibly supported by some general personality assessment. However, we take this further by offering options that do more to raise self-awareness and also help create a workplace based on positive values and an enabling culture that builds commitment.

Pario Commitment & Motivation Surveys are an additional resource that can be used by Associates to review issues within Departments / Business Units.

Use of 360 Degree Feedback

We can help you consider the underlying reasons why you want to introduce 360 degree feedback and the positioning of the process. Our support notes offer various ideas and practical suggestions on how best to introduce 360.

Feedback and follow-up is important. We can assist with one-to-one feedback and also run workshops that set the feedback in the context of wider issues at work. Alternatively, we can run a ‘train the trainers’ event to help your team develop a consistent, agreed approach to the 360 degree feedback process.

Combining 360 degree assessment with a tailored Development Centre can support wider organizational learning and development.

Pario Executive Coach Training

The two-day course is particularly relevant to people seeking to develop their knowledge of Executive / Management Coaching and also gain access to online tools that extend their capability.

In addition to Coaches, the course is suitable for HR Professionals and Managers who would like to extend their skills in both individual coaching and team development.

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